The Comodojo Framework’s docs


Comodojo is a PHP/js framework that provides a complete environment to realize complex and easy-to-maintain web applications.

Instead of offer a common foundation classes to biuld a single web app, Comodojo aims to be a pre-built environment where:

  • a couple of logical releated function (or even a single one) can be realized by an application;
  • an application publishes routes both on a server and client side, defining state-aware, linkable locations;
  • applications can (and generally should) be deployed, updated, removed using composer; in addition, multiple applications can be packaged under the same composer package;
  • internal role-mapper provides the connection between users and applications, exposing to user only the routes it should reach.


Code is under active development, there is no stable release and it may change without notice at any time.


If you’re interested in participating development, please send a message to


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